In a conversation for the GuideVision Insider podcast, co-founder Pavel Müller talks candidly and insightfully on topics such as why he thinks the low-code/no-code trend has a place in ServiceNow. Not every project requires top-level developers, he says. 

SUCCESS REQUIRES TECH AND BUSINESS SKILLS - Müller has master’s degrees in both computer science and business, and seeks out candidates with a balance of the two. “At GuideVision, we don’t need just software developers. Those consultants have to be real consultants as well. They have to understand the business value, understand the processes and then of course tweak the platform accordingly.”

  • “The good news is that you can succeed in the industry with different skills, so you don’t have to be just a hardcore developer.”
  • “On the other hand, our most popular role in the company here, the one we need the most, is what we call a ServiceNow Consultant. This is exactly the combination of a software engineer and a business consultant.”

WHAT MAKES AN IDEAL SERVICENOW CONSULTANT? - “The best candidate for us is someone who is a real techie, developing something even in their free time. And then as they gain experience on real-world projects, then they become consultants as well.”

  • “It’s about delivering value to the customer.”
  • “The best developers need to be passionate about the craft.”

HOW HE DEFINES SUCCESS - ‘I always say that we were never thinking about the business as customer-first. We were always employee-first. Because if you want to have a consulting company, you need great consultants. Otherwise it doesn’t work.”

  • “For me, the biggest win is that we managed to find great consultants and great techies, especially at the beginning of the GuideVision journey.”
  • “On the customer side, it’s where we are like a strategic vendor for them… We are more like partners where we have roadmaps with the customers for, let’s say, the next five years.”
  • “We look at what else can be developed on their ServiceNow platform, where we are actually managing the architecture of the whole platform.”

The GuideVision Insider podcast gives you insights behind the scenes at GuideVision, one of Europe’s leading ServiceNow partners, as well as goings-on in the larger ServiceNow community. You can subscribe to the GuideVision Insider podcast with your favorite podcast provider, or watch the entire half-hour interview above.

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