Aug 25. 2017Gabor Veszlik

Top 5 Reasons to Connect ServiceNow with Jira

#1 Manual data entry

It is always a pain in the neck when you need to type thousands of lines of information and let’s admit, it is not the most effective way for data entry. Just imagine the situation if you only 1 typo in a huge database it can cause headache to your employees to find and eliminate it. Why not to skip all the trouble what you can have with typos and concentrate on real problems to solve?

#2 Time saving solution

It is not the only thing, it also can update even in real-time your records. You don’t even need to have an account in Jira to communicate with your developers. Also it’s just way faster than the good old Copy-paste solution.

#3 Always up to date

If there is connection it is updated. No need to wait to anyone to provide the needed information for your work.

#4 No coding skills is needed

If you are not satisfied with your settings and have the privilege you can improve your data transfer whenever you want it. For example, if you need the name of the issue and the date has been created in your short description, go ahead, it’s easy to connect it those two fields and transfer through Jira Connector.

#5 It makes communication easier

You can directly contact your developers through ServiceNow or Jira. Just post a comment on ServiceNow side and it will appear in Jira too, or Vice Versa. You can forget about emailing them, it will appear directly under their tasks.

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