Jiří Skála

Jiří Skála has professional experience in IT. This includes 12 years of praxis in education of IS users, application development and management of IS/IT projects and another 13 years in design and optimization of company IT management systems and management of ITSM projects. He has developed and trained numerous public and company courses and seminars in ITIL field, CobiT, and ISO/IEC 20000 that have been attended by several thousand participants. He is a prolific author of conference contributions and expert articles on the topic of management of IT and he is a founding member of itSMF Czech Republic.

Jiří summarizes his enthusiasm for GuideVision and ServiceNow: “Working with ServiceNow brings the ideal fusion of procedural design and its implementation, meaning the plan of how the things should work and the possibility of immediate realization. Because ServiceNow is a platform with a wide option of configurations the development is swift and the process architect can see the outcome of his work in praxis in several weeks.”