JiraConnector – FAQ

What is the price of support?

Support is in the price included

What do I get for the price I pay?

Base fee contains the first week’s configuration, support, minor and major bug fixes and also the urgent fixes. During the subscription period support for software bugs and updates are free of charge.

What is the daily amount of records can be updated?

There is no limitation in daily record updates.

What are the system requirements for Jira Connector?

You just need a browser where you run ServiceNow and Jira.

I have a bug, what happens next?

If you find a bug, please contact us at jiraconnector@guidevision.co.uk. We will investigate the issue and will send you the fix based on the size of the issue.

How do I know how to configure Jira Connector?

There is a training what is part of the base fee. Also, documentation is included. It’s easy to configure.

I want some changes in field mapping can I do it by my own?

Yes. After the first week’s configuration, you are able to reconfigure or create projects by your own (for extra implementation after the first week’s configuration our consultancy hours pricing may apply).

Will I get bugfixes?

Yes. Whenever there is a bug fixed, you will be noticed about it. Minor improvements are in the price included.

How is my integration will be triggered?

You can choose your own condition from condition builder. For example if you need to synchronize your data only when it is allocated to a specific team.

Is the trigger only for groups or users.

No. The trigger is applicable almost for all tables and fields.

Is there anything what ends the synchronization?

Yes. There are two options for end the synchronization. One is End condition.

Can everyone see the Jira Connector configuration?

No. Just users with the specific role can see Jira Connector