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Join us for a webinar demonstrating how to connect the tool Jira with ServiceNow and discover how Jira Connector simplifies synchronization between Jira and ServiceNow.

Needed to synchronize your data between Jira and ServiceNow, but wondering where to start? Find out how to increase your effectivity, eliminte your handmade mistakes and reduce the time what you spend on synchonizing data between your instances. Learn how to use Jira Connector and eliminate manual data entry. Let us show you how can you save time and energy with our integration kit.


Jira Connector Introduction

Jira Connector Introduction

Jira Connector Synchronizing

Synchronizing Jira and ServiceNow

Jira Connector Config

Basic Configuration of Jira Connector


Gabor Veszlik
Gabor Veszlik
Jira Connector Product Manager