Nov 14. 2018Jiří Brožák

itSMF Finland 2018

The itSMF Finland Annual Conference 2018 took place on October 11th at the venue “Teurastamo” which means slaughterhouse in English. It was located in the old Helsinki meatpacking district. The building had indeed been an animal slaughterhouse in the past. And of course, we were there.

In the GuideVision management, we had a target of having more presence in the Finnish market. For that purpose, we were looking for different opportunities to have visibility in Finland for the correct target audience. As one of the first things, we checked the itSMF event dates and it was in two weeks. It is an international forum for IT Service Management professionals and decision-makers. We had to hurry if we were to make it. We had some doubts about joining so late but then made the decision to go with maximum visibility. And that was the correct decision.

We joined as a sponsor to the event and therefore we had a booth and our logo was showing everywhere.

GuideVision booth waiting for the first customers.

The event celebrated its 15 years birthday and the theme was “Dare to renew”. The conference topics were reflecting the latest trends such as innovation, evolution, and revolution. From GuideVision Matti and Csaba attended the conference. We had our own stand in the booth area and we got some interest from the attendees. We had many fruitful discussions. Many of them lead to agreeing on further meetings in the name of future cooperation. Stay tuned for news from those meetings…

GuideVision team is ready to answer the questions.

There were a lot of speakers with interesting topics. The attendees were mostly people that we wanted to meet, and we managed to talk to many of them.  As a result, we consider our participation at itSMF Finland 2018 to be a success. It was a pleasure to meet you and we enjoyed having so many inspiring conversations. The number of visitors exceeded our expectations so we would like to thank each and every one of you – who visited our booth.

It was very useful for us and we got what we wanted. We must definitely join the event next year with some setup.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information about our solutions and services, please feel free to contact us at


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