May 28. 2018Jiří Brožák

Hackasnow – Hackathon by GuideVision

Our GuideVision team attended a hackathon in Barcelona as a part of a ServiceNow conference. They were really excited about it. Finally, we decided to throw a similar event internally. The idea for team collaboration and coming together to build the coolest stuff in a few hours was born. It was time to start some preparations.

On 24th May, we held the very first GuideVision hackathon – the Hackasnow.

We partnered with another company and we decided that the Hackasnow assignment will be the integration of our two platforms. We kept this information a secret until the very end so that no one had the advantage of preparing something in advance.

The topic introduction by telling the participants the main ideas.

In this event, we had 12 teams from different locations such as the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. All the 51 participants fueled by energy drinks and pizza quickly immersed in the game and at the end presented very diverse outputs that gave us many impulses to think about. Our company is now discussing possibilities of further cooperation with the partner company.

Collaboration in detail.

To sum up, our consultants showed their best qualities while having a lot of fun. We discovered what kind of mindsets our consultants have and what their potential is. As a company, we gained the opportunity to build a new business partnership.

This coding competition was such a success that GuideVision will make it a yearly event.

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