Mar 05. 2019Jiří Brožák

GuideVision set off for winter team building

The growth of our teams across all departments in all countries where GuideVision is present was very fast last year. And the situation was not different for the Czech branch. The highest time for getting to know each other and makes our czech team stronger. In GuideVision we consider team building opportunity as one of the most important parts of our company culture, so the team building takes place twice a year. In summer, we prefer to spend our time around lakes and water, and in winter in the mountains. That’s why we spent the last weekend in Tanvald.

Tanvald is a town in the northern Czech Republic bringing ideal conditions for winter activities. At the heart of our team building was relaxation; time spent away from screens, tablets and phones so what could be better than a weekend full of skiing, snowboarding, bowling and driving a snowmobile. I also can not forget those courageous people set off on a challenging hike around Tanvald. During the team building, we were also able to celebrate the birthday of one of our colleagues. Finally, the location was excellent, we all really enjoyed the event and everyone had great fun as you can see on the following pictures. 

We were skiing…

We were driving a snowmobile…

We went bowling…

and of course, we were collaborating…


We are looking forward to the next team building 😊




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