Lukáš Perůtka

Lukáš Perůtka

Senior Technical Consultant

“My speciality is architecture – I like it when the solution has internal beauty to it.”

I have been designing IT Service Management processes for a long time. I enjoy connecting customer processes with the qualities and functionalities of ServiceNow in such way that the final solution is functional and at the same time elegant and easy to integrate.

From experience, I know that customers in our region prefer software tailored to their own processes. It is a different approach to the US, for example, where more often the company adapts to the software and the way the processes are implemented. The advantage of ServiceNow is that it is incredibly adaptable and therefore even specialized processes of customers can easily be adjusted to their ideas of how it should work.

When I came to GuideVision there were only about ten of us and now there is more than sixty. I was lucky enough to try out different roles and to grow. In general, if you have experience in development, and like to think about the efficiency and universality of your job, then at GuideVision you have a place to shine!