Feb 20. 2015

What is Task table flattening in SNOW?

Table flattening is a database concept of storing logically related tables on a physical level, which ServiceNow uses in heavily…

Feb 20. 2015

Using External Schedulers

Our customers and SnowMirror users continue to surprise us every day. We have implemented so many new features into SnowMirror…

Feb 20. 2015

How to Connect Tableau with ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a great cloud service. Although it offers some reporting capabilities, many ServiceNow customers have complicated requirements on reporting or business…

Feb 19. 2015

Why To Mirror ServiceNow Data?

The history of SnowMirror began back in 2011. We were part of a huge ServiceNow implementation project in one logistics…

Feb 18. 2015

Service Level Management (part 1/2)

Service level management is supported in ServiceNow via the Service Level Agreements (SLA) Plugin and its extensions. This plugin also…

Feb 09. 2015

Service Level Management (part 2/2)

Different ways of defining SLAs in ServiceNow In this article we will describe different ways how SLAs can be defined…

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