Our Story

We encountered ServiceNow for the first time during a project in 2011. We immediately recognized its enormous potential and decided to become an official partner and bring the technology to other customers in Central Europe.

Now we are Gold Partner of ServiceNow and, with the number of consultants and the number of projects we implemented, we are among the most important ServiceNow partners in Europe. We carry out projects for the region's largest companies, and we get an excellent evaluation of our services from them on a regular basis. However, we are not a corporation, but a team of enthusiasts who are not only great at completing work together but also at organizing entertaining events for our team and customers.

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Experience - We work with large companies from all around the world. At the same time we are informal, dynamic, and individual. That is an excellent combination for gaining an enormous amount of experience and showing what can each one of us do.

Satisfaction - We do end-to-end solutions, and what we propose in theory we also immediately implement. In this way, we can see right away how our services help our customers and that feeling is priceless.

Expertise - We have the best consultants in our field and we are proud of them. Jiří Skála, who is a Czech legend of ITIL, is among them. If you are open-minded and you enjoy technology you will have the opportunity to learn side by side with the best.

Agile - Whether you are a developer or a consultant, in ServiceNow there is enough room for both. It is not only a tool but also a complex platform that is easy to build on. Quickly, cleverly, and despite it being focused on the largest companies, surprisingly agile which suits us well.

A few words from people who
already work in our company

Martin Žák

Lukáš Perůtka
Senior Technical Consultant

“My speciality is architecture – I like it when the solution has internal beauty to it.”

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Martin Žák

Robert Hos
Senior Technical Consultant, Business Analyst

“We are able to do customer consultations and implementations in hours while in different technology it might take us weeks.”

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Martin Žák

Martin Žák
Senior Technical Consultant

“I enjoy the fact that I can focus on what the customer really wants and not spend time wondering how to do it.”

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Barbora Otýpková

Barbora Otýpková
Recruitment Manager

Fancy joining

We always lookout for new talents to join our ever expanding team. Even if you don’t see a role that matches your skills we’d still like to hear from you. There are endless opportunities to grow and create something special. We’ll be delighted to get to know you and show you the way we work in GuideVision. Looking forward to meeting you!

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