Feb 20. 2019Jiří Brožák

Being a ServiceNow® gold partner means high-quality work and customer satisfaction

A ServiceNow Gold-Certified partner is a company that has agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with ServiceNow. Having that title means the company who applied itself has earned the highest standards of ServiceNow’s widely-recognized partnership program.

Requirements to ServiceNow partners are very high at Gold level. Gold partners, in comparison with silver partners, have to complete twice as many implementations. The minimum number of certified technical experts is also significantly higher. But the most important thing is that Gold Partners must achieve the highest level of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Norbert Nagy, one of the two owners of GuideVision, which has been the Gold Partner of ServiceNow since the end of 2016, says: “Based on the feedback from our customers, CSAT is the key difference between ServiceNow partners.” He adds: “These evaluations are a very objective measurement of satisfaction with the partner involved in the project. Customers selecting partners at the start of the project have a clear idea of ​​what and at what level they can expect from ServiceNow partner. ”

The quality of all aspects has always been an important GuideVision’s key to success, so it’s no surprise that GuideVision Czech Republic maintains the highest CSAT score worldwide and the current value of 9.8 is an excellent result and confirmation of the well-done work of our experienced team of consultants.

GuideVision, s.r.o. operates as a leading distributor of Service Management services. Thanks to more than 150 consultants serving clients from several subsidiaries throughout Europe, it provides its customers with consulting, implementation, training, support and service development.

How does the CSAT is measured and evaluated?

CSAT is a continually measured customer satisfaction conducted by ServiceNow through surveys sent to key customer representatives. Survey respondents are asked to evaluate partners’ work, performance and attitude on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most positive. A summary of the returned results is the overall CSAT partner rating.

Our customers can count on us being committed to their success every step of the way. Want to learn more about our approach to customers? Contact us at jan.otypka@guidevision.cz

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