Jul 13. 2017Gabor Veszlik

Avoid Manual Incident Entry in Jira

If you own a company where you create hundreds or thousands of records every day, you know that the health of your database directly impact the well-being of your business. Using manual entry of records is always a pain in the neck and also good source for hidden errors which are less recognizable. Your employees don’t mean to make errors, but no one tries to make mistakes. Relying on human work to reentry an already existing data puts your business at unnecessary risk factor.

There can be many ways where humans can make a mistake

Many factors play and increase a risk of a manual entry mistakes, employees are often tired, overloaded, fatigued. Relying on manual data entry when your employee’s minds aren’t functioning at their peak means data entry errors. Or sometimes there is just too much to get done and not enough manpower to do it, people feel rush which also leading to mistakes.

On the other hand, computers don’t tire, so they don’t have to worry about juggling work and home stresses at the same time. They also have much greater computing power than human brains.

Jira Connector has been created to avoid the manual data entry mistakes occurred by the above-mentioned factors could. Jira Connector is bi-directional integration kit between ServiceNow and Jira, where you will never have any mistakes from tiredness or from the lack of focus. You can also be sure that your records are accurate and up to date.

Want to see how easy it is to use.

Please check our website, sign up for a free demo or just simply contact us, we would kindly answer all of your questions.

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